Question No 1:

Which technical reports datapoint measures the performance of a controller’s script execution if network factors and Web Adaptor processing is ignored?

A. Response time
B. Processing time
C. Call count
D. Cache hit ratio

Answer: B

Question No 2:

A Digital Developer wants pass control to an ISML template from a JavaScript Controller and load product on the pipeline dictionary with the name my Product Which code sample will achieve this?

A. ISML.renderTemplate{ “helloworld.isml”, { “product”: myPrcduct });
B. ISML.renderTemplate( “helloworld.isml”, { “myProduct”: “product” });
C. ISML.renderTemplate{ “helloworld.isml”, { myProduct: product });
D. ISML.renderTemplate( “helloworld.isml”, { product: myProduct });

Answer: C

Question No 3:

Which two methods are efficient and scalable? Choose 2 answers

A. ProductMgr.queryAllSiteProducts()
B. ProductSearchModel.getProductSearchHits()
C. Category.getProducts()
D. ProductSearchHit.getRepresentedProductsQ

Answer: B

Question No 4:

A Digital Developer is adding support for an additional language other than the default. The locale code for the new language is de.

In which folder should the developer place resource bundles?

A. templates/resources
B. templates/default/resources
C. templates/de
D. templates/default

Answer: A

Question No 5:

A Digital Developer is asked to optimize controller performance by lazy loading scripts as needed instead of loading a scripts at the start of the code execution.

Which statement should the Developer use to lazy load scripts?

A. import Package ( ) method
B. local include
C. require ( ) method
D. $.ajax ( ) jQuery method

Answer: C